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Khantoke Dinner and Traditional Northern Dance Show

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PJ's Tours will take you to this most enjoyable dinner show which starts at 7:45 each evening where you will be served a traditional Lanna Khantoke dinner to the accompaniment of traditional northern Thailand music and folk dancing.

Khum KantokeKantoke

7.45pm Your Kantoke is served and the entertainment begins with the parade.

Drum danceRamakian danceTee dance

After the Kantoke Parade we have the Candle dance followed by the Drum dance then the Tee dance which incorporates the use of traditional paper umbrellas.

Hilltribe danceSword danceKomloi

Next is an episode from "Ramakian", a great Thai literary work, based upon the Indian literary work “Ramayana” and this is followed by a Hilltribe dance, a Coconut Shell dance and a Sword dance.

Finally at 9:00pm we go outside to release Komloi, the paper fire balloons for which the Lanna region is famous.

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