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Chiang Mai City and Temples

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Let PJ's Tours guide you around the Old City to see city's moats, temples and this ancient city's walls on this half day tour.

PJ's Tour T1 - Chiang Mai city wallsPJ's Tour G6 - The three kings monumentWat Chedi LuangWarrorot Market

After first driving around to moat to view the city walls and gates we will call at the Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Museum where we can learn something of the city's 700 years history.

The Three Kings Monument in front of the museum depicts the founding of Chiang Mai as the capital of the Lanna kingdom over 700 years ago.

From here we will visit Wat Chiang Man; dating from around 1296 and built from teak wood this is one of Chiang Mai's oldest temples and was originally used as the residence of King Mengrai the founder of Chiang Mai. The temple is noted for a Chedi supported by a row of elephantine buttresses.

From here we will visit Wat Chedi Luang where the great Chedi is situated. This six hundred years old Chedi was built by King Saen Muang Ma to enshrine the relics of his father at the end of 14th century. Even though it was destroyed in an earthquake in 1545, it was to remain the tallest structure in Chiang Mai for over six centuries.

Finally we will visit Warorot Market in the Chinatown area of Chiang Mai nearby the Ping river where you can find anything from fresh fruit to traditional Lanna costume.

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