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Gary Moore
Exeter, UK
Sunday, 9. December 2012 16:19  Write a comment Send E-mail

Another wonderful visit to PJs'. There really is nowhere else I would consider staying in Chiang Mai. From the moment you arrive until the time that you depart, Peter and Jiab will work with their staff, Deng and Pa, to ensure that your stay is everything that it could be and more.

Not only are the accommodations of a high standard, Jiab is a fully qualified tour guide who can offer a personal service unlike many of the other tour services available in the area. The personal knowledge of Jiab and Peter can help you make the most of your stay in Chiang Mai. Whilst not situated in the old city, you will find that nothing is too far away. A short tuk tuk ride will take you in to the old city or a short walk will take you to the very fashionable Nimmenhamen Road area.

There are several places to eat very nearby with a good selection of different cuisines, from Thai to Mexican, Italian to Mediterranean. You will be spoilt for choice.
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