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Jeroen Flamman 
Sunday, 25. April 2010 10:23  Write a comment

Definitely one of the nicest places I've stayed - outdoing even some of the ***** hotels I've been. PJ's Place is a comfortably secluded miniature-resort, carefully designed where each point of view reveals new detail. The garden is a sea of tranquility, a Garden of Eden that seems to support it's own little eco-system. We spent a week, including Songkran and even though I love getting wet 'n' wild, it was easy to retreat and recharge the batteries before rejoining the hustle and bustle. Great food at the nearby Lemon Tree at more than reasonable prices and the very nice Soho bar next door made that we hardly had to leave the area for a complete and totally satisfying week's holiday. Thank you Peter, thank you Jiab!
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