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Viv and Hedley 
Alrewas, UK
Saturday, 22. August 2009 10:18  Write a comment

When my husband and I decided to take my elderly mum to visit Pete (my brother) in Chiang Mai it was to be a trip of a lifetime (and our first visit to Thailand). On arriving and sitting in the tropical gardens which surrounded the guest house I have never felt so calm and relaxed in months. The rooms were luxurious and clean and much larger than I imagined. Jiab took us shopping, we visited various factories and craft centres for silver, leather, paper, and of course the beautiful temples. I even went to "monk-chat" although my husband called it "viv-chat". We are still on a "high" from our visit which will certainly not be our last. Thank you Pete and Jiab, for a wonderful time! Viv x
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