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Nino Di Felice
Monday, 23. March 2009 15:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have just returned from Chiang Mai and a week's stay at PJ's. I've been to Chiang Mai 3 times before but this has been without doubt my most favourite stay. Thank you so much to Peter and Jiab for being such wonderful hosts. I don't usually travel well on my own but they made my stay so enjoyable and friendly and they offered great advise. I booked into a suite and I recommend this for those who would like a little bit extra from their stay. Breakfast was great and the boys provided such great service with genuine smiles.

PS. if you get a chance I highly recommend a traditional thai massage. They can be easily booked through the guesthouse. You will never give a better 2 hours for your tired muscles!

P & J thank you once again!
Nino, London.
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