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Elephants At Work and Long Neck Village

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Let PJ's tours take you to one of Chiang Mai's elephant camps for a magnificent demonstration by magnificent animals and then to the Long Neck Karen village at Mae Rim.

PJ's Tour G4 - Elephants at workPJ's Tour G4 - Elephants at workPJ's Tour G4 - Long neck villagePJ's Tour G4 - Long neck village

We will visit the magnificent Mae Sa Elephant Camp, 45 minutes to the northwest of Chiang Mai city. Located on the banks of a small river, you will see a demonstration of how trained elephants are used as working animals in teak forests. The show includes elephants bathing in the river, working in the jungle, dragging and pushing logs, and responding commands. Afterwards you will have an opportunity to enjoy an elephant ride around the camp.

After leaving the elephant camp we drive a few kilometers' further to visit a village of Paduang hill tribe people, famous for their tradition of wearing brass neck rings which give them their name of "long neck" people.

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