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Elephant ride, Ox cart ride and Bamboo raft ride

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PJ's Tours will take you to visit Maetang elephant park to watch an elephant show  and enjoy three different rides in the jungle north of Chiang Mai (with lunch included).

PJ's Tour G3 - Elephants at workPJ's Tour G3 - Elephant ridePJ's Tour G3 - Ox cart ridePJ's Tour G3 - Bamboo raft ride

After a one hour drive to the elephant camp at Maetang you will first see the elephants being bathed in the river by their Mahouts followed by a display of the skills an elephant is trained in for carrying out logging work in the jungles.

From here you can experience a 45 minute elephant ride through the jungle to a hill tribe village followed by an ox-cart ride  before returning to the elephant camp for lunch.

After lunch we will take a 45 minute bamboo raft ride on the river before returning to PJ's Place.

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