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Cottage Industries and Handicrafts

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Chiang Mai is Thailand’s major centre for quality handicrafts. The artisans produce an extraordinary range of quality products, which are invariably the first choice among shoppers.

Thai silk weavingPJ's Tour G1 - Local handicrafts jewellryPJ's Tour G1 - Local handicrafts Celadon potteryPJ's Tour G1 - Local handicrafts umbrellas

This tour shows you how the region's artisans produce their crafts by hand from the first stage until the finish, and gives you an idea of what there is available to buy and take home as souvenirs from Chiang Mai. On this tour we will visit the handicraft centre in San Kampaeng district where we will see local people making their handicrafts including lacquer ware, silverware, hand-woven textiles in silk and hand-painted cotton, fine teak carvings, and umbrellas or paper parasols which are hand-painted in a variety of designs.

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